The Pension Committee

The Pensions Investment Committee

The Pensions Investment Committee has delegated responsibility for the investment arrangements of the scheme. It comprises eight elected representatives of the Council, all of whom have voting rights. Members of admitted bodies and representatives of Trade Unions may attend meetings as observers, but have no voting rights.


The current members are:

Councillor M. Ingleby (Chair)
Councillor L. Krupski (Vice Chair)
Councillor S. Penfold
Councillor P. Maslin
Councillor P. Codd
Councillor C. Best
Councillor S. Sheikh
Councillor J. Muldoon

Permitted Observers are:

Unison Representative (No specified individual)
Unite Representative (No specified individual)
GMB Representative (No specified individual)
Pensioner's Representative (No specified individual)
Admitted Body Representative (No specified individual)

Pension Board members

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